World Championship

During the 2023 year, the Oswald Academy will conduct the – as far as I know – first ever (completely unofficial) World Golf Rules Championship (WGRC)!

It will be completely free of charge, have lots of prizes, and offer a great learning experience. I encourage all of you and your Rules friends to join in!

1. VIDEO: WGRC explained in 2 minutes!

In the video below, the World Golf Rules Championship is explained in two minutes!

2. Concept.

This is how the competition will work:

  1. 22 tournaments. There will be a new tournament every second week on a Wednesday, starting in week 5, ending in week 47, which gives us (if we counted correctly!) 22 tournaments!
  2. 7 questions. Each tournament will have 7 questions, except the four majors (will have 10 questions).
  3. Time/points. You have about 20-30 seconds to answer each question – the faster you answer, the more points you will earn! There is a maximum of 1,000 points for each correct answer.
  4. Reference material allowed. You are free to use your Rules books when answering, but most likely you don’t have time!
  5. E-mail and nickname. When you enter the first tournament you will be asked for…:
    1. …your e-mail address (so that we know who you are, and can add you to the leaderboard) and you will be asked for…
    2. … a nickname (you choose).
  6. Leaderboard. There will be a leaderboard, which will be updated regularly.
  7. Playoffs. As of December 2023, the top 50 players will be invited to the Playoffs, which will be made up of three tournaments (December 6th, 13th and 20th) each with 50 questions. The contestants will have exactly one week to complete their answers. The winner will be announced and named “The World Rules Champion of 2023”!
  8. Flexibility. All tournaments (except the playoffs) can be taken any time during the year, until December 1st … so if you haven’t enrolled in any quizzes during the year, you can simply take them all in November!
  9. Anonymous. If you wish, you may remain completely anonymous – only the Oswald Academy needs to know your identity – simply choose a nickname that has nothing to do with your real name (like “good golfer” or “I will win”).
  10. No subscription – no download. You won’t have to download any app, and you won’t have to subscribe to anything. You will simply get a link (Kahoot), enter your e-mail and nickname, and then start the tournament!

3. How to join.

You can join each tournament by clicking the link to the tournament, which is published in our newsletter, on various Facebook Golf Rules groups etc. and in the Tournament News (see below)

I will encourage you to subscribe to the free “Tournament News: WGRC”-list, whereby you will receive an e-mail every time there are news about the WGRC, including when a new tournament is open:

You may unsubscribe anytime from the Tournament News by clicking the link at the bottom of each Tournament News, or by simply contacting us at / +45 29258636. You can read more about how we process your personal data here.

Information about each tournament will also be posted in various Facebook Rules groups.

Please find an overview of the 2023-tournaments here.

4. Prizes.

4.1 What can we win?

There will be lots of prizes:

  • Rules books from our friends at Expert Golf, the “Tom and Chip Golf Rules Cartoons,” and the “Golf Rules Quick reference.”
  • Goodie-packs from The Oswald Academy (delicious high-quality Danish and Italian chocolate/licorice/cakes, etc.) will be sent to you free of charge no matter where in the world you live! Even better, prizes come in three sizes: (M), (L) and (XL)!
  • Real life cash (top-3)!
4.2 Prize breakdown.
  1. Winner of regular (non-major) tournaments.
    1. Goodie-pack, size M.
  2. Winner of each of the four major championships.
    1. Goodie-pack, size L.
    2. A copy of one of the above mentioned two Rules books – after your own choice.
  3. Participants in each of the four major championships.
    1. 1. We will draw lots among all participating in the major about another goodie-packs, size (M).
  4. Top 10 in the playoffs.
    1. Number 10: Goodie-pack, size L.
    2. Number 9: Goodie-pack, size L.
    3. Number 8: Goodie-pack, size L.
    4. Number 7: Goodie-pack, size L.
    5. Number 6: Goodie-pack, size L.
    6. Number 5: Goodie-pack, size L.
    7. Number 4: Goodie-pack, size L.
    8. Number 3:
      1. 100 US $.
      2. Goodie-pack, size L.
    9. Number 2:
      1. 150 US $.
      2. A free online Rules webinar/video course etc. from The Oswald Academy (e.g. the “Memorization” course or a Level III online workshop) – value up to US $ 349.
      3. Goodie-pack, size L.
    10. THE WINNER:
      1. 250 US $.
      2. A free online Rules webinar/video course etc. from The Oswald Academy – value up to US $ 349 (e.g. the “Memorization” course or a Level III online workshop)
      3. Goodie-pack, size XL.
      4. A certificate signed by Brian Nygaard Oswald personally, founder of the Oswald Academy.
  5. Players, who have participated in each and every one of the 22 tournaments:
    1. Will be awarded 5 “goodie packs”, size M, by drawing lots among those players, just for participating in all 22 tournaments.

5. Playoffs: Top 50.

The top 50 players as of December 1st will be eligible to compete in the playoffs, where the winner will be announced as the (first) (unofficial!) World Golf Rules Champion!

The playoffs has three tournaments:

  1. Wednesday December 6th 2023.
  2. Wednesday December 13th 2023.
  3. Wednesday December 20th 2023.

The winner will be announced December 27th 2023.

6. Personal data.

When participating in a tournament, send us your e-mail address as well as any nick-name you choose. Only your nick-name will be visible, so you can be completely anonymous if that is what you want. If (when!) you win prizes, we will contact you. We will not use or sell your email for profit, guaranteed!

See how we process your personal data here.

7. Good player conduct.

Using the principles in Rule 1.2a (!), we expect good player conduct, which means:

  • If there is an error in a question, the player will accept it without argument!
  • When playing online games, we trust that none of our members will cheat or take advantage of the game—after all, we are all trustworthy golfers!
  • If there are technical issues (no matter what caused it), that lead to 1) you giving an incorrect answer (when you in fact answered correctly), or 2) you are accidentally left off the registered list, you accept it with a smile!


Welcome, all!