VIDEO COURSE: Memorize the Rules numbers

Do you find it difficult to remember the Rules numbers? Well, you are not alone. Not many people can recall the rules by heart. Do you know Rule 12.1 – Rule 3.2 – and Rule 21.3? But if you are motivated to learn, my video course will teach you all of them so that you’ll never forget! And all for only $199, 1.5 hours video and 25 hours of subsequent practicing!

About this video course.

This is the very first of its kind to use ancient memorization techniques to learn the golf rules. In this course, you will transform each Rules headline into a picture and place it on hangers in your mental map. It is an easy method that will soon become addictive as you start to recall more and more information.

Example: Rule 4’s hanger is a car (because a car has four wheels). That means that the information about the headline of Rule 4 is placed inside a car. Since Rule 4.2 is about balls I simply have to visualize that the four wheels are golf balls. This sounds pretty weird, right! So when I try to remember what Rule 4.2 is, I close my eyes and think of a car with four golf balls for wheels and then remember that Rule is about conforming golf balls. Likewise, by thinking of that car and a set of golf clubs sticking out of an open window in the back, I recall that Rule 4.1 is about conforming golf clubs. If I want to remember more about Rule 4.1 or 4.2, I simply putt some more items (pictures) in the car! Once I set up the images for you, memorixing will be so easy that it will feel that you’re cheating! Imagine the “closed sections” of a USGA/R&A exam: You close your eyes and see it all.

Extract (10 minutes): Introduction

Below you can see approximately 10 minutes of the course:

Normal memorization techniques don’t work.

There are two common ways of (trying to) remember things:

  1. The picture/video-method: When trying to remember something, you try to see an inner picture or video of the situation that is linked to where you got that information.
  2. The repeat-method: You repeat the thing you are going to remember many many times.

Both of these techniques work with one piece of information, or two, or maybe even three. But with more information than that it becomes difficult. Often the information doesn’t last and you forget what you learned very soon.

Example: You want to know what Rule 14.2 says. What do you do to try to recall it? You try to think of the Rules book – or some discussion you have had – but very often you won’t find the answer. With the memorization techniques your learn, you have stored each piece of information on a certain mental spot/hanger, and when you want to remember it, you simply mentally goes to that a change and see what is hanging on it – and most likely you will have a clear view of the information. This is like me asking you to get my car keys. You say to me: OK – but can you tell me where you put them? My answer: I have no idea. In this situation it would be impossible to find the keys because they could be anywhere. BUT: If I instead answered: I put them in the drawer in the living room, you would go right to them. That is the exact same as with recalling information from the Rules book, the headline and Rules number: If you have put the information on an inner hanger, you can easily recall the information simply by going to that mental hanger!


There are many good reasons to learn the Rules numbers by heart, but let me mention two:

  1. You will be able to find the correct ruling to any Rules question much faster.
  2. You will be much more persuasive and professional when you can mention (or even quote) all the Rules by their numbers.

What do you get?

In this video course you will get:

  • 2 hours and 9 minutes of video teaching that includes:
    • An introduction to these memorization techniques.
    • Tips and tricks as to how to memorize effectively.
    • Busting myths about how difficult it is to remember information.
    • Lots of exercises.
    • A final test, where you (most likely) will be surprised as to how much you can already remember.
  • Complete study material including a suggestion to the 25 “Rules hangers” (this will make sense when you take the course!).
  • A teacher that is an expert of both the Rules of Golf AND of memorization techniques.
  • Bonus section: How to use the techniques to remember other essential information: your calendar, people’s names, and where you put your car keys 🔑 (!) etc.

If you are willing to spend 25-50 hours (easily done in 2-3 weeks) on practicing these techniques you will learn these techniques by heart and will most likely be able to remember the Rules numbers for the rest of your life!


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