Tutoring is for those of you studying for the… :

  1. … USGA exam (80/100 questions) or…
  2. … R&A exam (Level II or III).

1) Why tutoring?

I (Brian Oswald) have taken all levels of the exam (both USGA and R&A) and therefore know what it takes to pass all exams. Each time I have moved up a level, I have searched for help on how to prepare for the exam – but in vain.

Many very helpful people have given me suggestions such as “take USGA’s quizzes” or “learn the definitions”. But I needed more:

  1. I wanted a study plan that told me what to read and when.
  2. I needed someone to answer all my questions such as:
    1. “Why wasn’t my answer in the USGA-quiz correct? – I don’t understand it“. 

    2. “Can my own ball be a wrong ball?“. 

    3. “Should I start with the definitions or should I use flash cards or…?“. 

  3. I needed an overview of available study material – what works, and what doesn’t. More study materials would have been so helpful.
  4. I needed someone with enthusiasm to encourage me, so that I could enjoy my studies.
  5. I needed deadlines – and someone to hold me accountable if I did not meet those deadlines.
  6. I needed help as to how to remember (memorize) the Rules!
  7. I needed to test myself in exams in the exact same format as the “real” exam.
  8. I needed some tips and good advice about how to take the exam.

If you have some of these same needs, my tutoring is right for you.

2) Tutoring plans.

You can choose between two tutoring plans:

1) Basic.

In this 8 week plan I will give you:

  •  … a study plan (each week you will get the plan for the upcoming week).
  •  … my enthusiasm! Hopefully my energy will help you study better 
and harder.
  •  … deadlines (!)… and I will help pace you so that you reach each goal.
  •  … tips and tricks for taking the exam (I have taken the exam and 
know the secret to success).
  •  … an overview of relevant quizzes, etc.
  • … three test exams including a sheet with the correct answers.
  • … personalized feedback (e-mail, WhatsApp etc.) during the entire process.
  • … free access to a recording of the 10-hour Level II Workshop (valued at US $ 299).

Price: US $ 695.

2) All inclusive.

The same as in the basic plan, and additionally:

Price: US $ 1.495.

3) Individual plans.

I often make individual plans based on each student’s specific needs. I have i.e. made these individuals plans:

  1. A 7-month plan (for those who REALLY want to do well at the exam). Price: US $ 3,500.
  2. An 8-weeks tutoring plan with assignments only – with lots of individual feedback (for people skilled at the Rules but having a hard time doing good at the exam). Price US $ 995.

Tell me what you would like, and I will come up with a suggestion to a plan and price.


I have 15-25 available spots a year. If you are interested contact me at info@oswaldgolfrules.com or +45 2925 8636.