Rules School

Welcome to The Oswald Rules School (“Level I”)!

The Oswald Rules School is a complete online video course in which you will learn all the basic Rules of Golf in (hopefully) a fun and interesting way.

1) Who can take the Oswald Rules School?

The Oswald Rules School is free and available for everybody!

2) 25 grades.

The Oswald Rules School has 25 grades, which comes in three main sections:

1) “Elementary School” (PreK – 5th grade = 7 grades)
2) “Middle School” (High School and College = 11 grades)
3) “Post Graduate” (The University = 7 grades)

You will start The Oswald Rules School in PreK and end with PhD4! You will hear about penalty areas, dropping, searching, unplayable ball, wrong ball, wrong place, practice swings, and a lot more!

3) This is how to start.

To start the Oswald Rules School in the 1st grade (“PreK”), press this link.

Each grade has:

  1. An instructional video (from 2-14 minutes).
  2. A video assignment and a video answer.

When you are done with a grade, press “next grade” at the bottom of the website, and then take the next grade… Simply continue this way until you are done with all 25 grades!

4) Easy and instructive.

The Oswald Golf Rules School has many benefits, hereunder:

  1. View each video as needed for your game and at the speed that is best for you.
  2. If you are a new golfer in a golf club, you don’t have to wait to learn the Rules; Simply start right here, and right now.
  3. My intention is for this to be interesting and instructive. My illustrations help make the Rules easier to understand.
  4. During the Oswald Golf Rules School there will be 25 assignments which will help test your knowledge.
  5. The Oswald Golf Rules School can be used as a sole source for new (and experienced!) golfers to learn the Rules of Golf, or it can supplement the Rules teaching you already have at your home course or club.
5) Rules exam.

When you are done with the 25 grades, take the Rules exam! See how much you know!

There are 18 questions and you must have at least 12 correct answers to pass.

You can read more about the Rules exam at this link.

6) Level I!

The Oswald Rules School is Level I of learning the Rules of Golf. When you are done, I will encourage you to move on to Level II – and maybe one day to Level III!


Best of luck :-).

/Brian Nygaard Oswald