Model Local Rules

In this online video course you will get a deep knowledge to the Model Local Rules.

1) Why learn the Model Local Rules?

Almost every golf club has its own local rules. There are a lot of different local rules, and people often find them hard to understand.

There is a lot of both relevant and necessary knowledge in these Local Rules, so I strongly encourage you to take this course.

2) What do I learn?

In this online video course you will get a 360 degrees overview of the Model Local Rules, including:

  1. Guidelines for establishing Local Rules.
  2. Communication of Local Rules.
  3. … a thorough look into some of the Local Rules about…:
    1. course boundaries and out of bounds (internal out of bounds, common ways of defining boundaries and boundary edges).
    2. penalty areas (defining penalty areas, provisional ball for ball in a penalty area, etc.).
    3. bunkers (clarifying edge of bunkers, changing status of areas of sand etc.)
    4. putting greens (prohibiting play from fringe of wrong green, status of putting green when temporary putting green is used, etc.).
    5. special relief procedures (dropping zones, preferred lies, defining no play zones etc.)
    6. abnormal course conditions and integral objects (limited relief for embedded ball, extensive damage due to heavy rain and traffic, ant hills, mushrooms on putting green, free relief from immovable obstructions in penalty area, etc.).
    7. restrictions on use of specific equipment (list of conforming driver heads, groove and punch mark specifications, list of conforming golf balls, one ball Rule, prohibiting use of distance-measuring devices, etc.)
    8. … defining who may help and give advice to players.
    9. … defining when and where player may practice.
    10. … procedures for bad weather and suspensions of play.
    11. pace of play policies.
    12. scorecard responsibilities.
    13. … model local rules for players with disabilities.

3) The teaching.

it is imperative for me that the teaching is entertaining and interesting. So don’t expect a boring slideshow-teaching, but (hopefully) a teaching with lots of interesting stories, videos, smiles, pictures etc.

The teaching thus involves:

  • Me talking!
  • Videos from Rules indicidents on professional tours.
  • Pictures/drawings about Rules incidents.
  • Kahoot quizzes.
  • A short “exam” at the end.

4) Who is this course for?

Take this online course if you e.g…:

  1. … are studying (for the TARS exam or the USGA exam).
  2. … are a Rules official.
  3. … are a Rules referee.
  4. … simply want a deeper knowledge to the Model Local Rules.

5) Duration.

Approximately 6 hours.

6) Price.

US $ 149 (access for one year). Discounts available for members.

7) Publication date.

I expect it to be ready in 2024.

8) Pre-order.

You can pre-order it by contacting us a or +45 2925 8636.

9) How does it work?

After you have paid you will get a link to the course, and can see it exactly when it fits into your plans.


If you have any questions feel free to contact me at or +45 2925 8636.