Library A-Z


I am very happy to introduce (hopefully) the biggest and (hopefully) best ressource about the Rules of Golf: The Oswald Rules Library.

In short: What is it?

There is so much excellent Rules material on the Internet. But the problem is that it is placed on many different websites and it is not easy to get an overview.

Let’s say that you want to learn a lot about “Penalty Areas” or “Clubs” or ” – what do you do? Well until now you would only have the option to search on known websites and to Google it which would take a lot of time and would most often be confusing and frustrating.

But in The Oswald Rules Library we have gathered all (OK not all – but a lot!!) material about (for now) 65 words/phrases, and for each of this you can see:

  1. … relevant articles
  2. … an overview of the Rules.
  3. … link to the relevant Rule(s).
  4. … quizzes.
  5. … videos.
  6. … debates.
  7. … FAQ’s.
  8. … etc.

Hopefully you will find this easy and convenient.

Dynamic database.

The Oswald Rules Library is constantly updated with new material, including:

  • New Rules videos from “Oswald explains the Rules/Interpretations” (new videos are published 1-2 times a month).
  • New Rules articles from The Oswald Academy website.
  • New Rules articles from relevant websites around the world.
  • New Rules quizzes.

Thus, you always have an updated and comprehensive place to learn the Rules of Golf!

The price.

-> Access to The Oswald Library is priced at $ 19 a month.

Personal BACIS members get a 15 % discount (i.e. $ 16.15 a month) and all other members get a 25 % discount (i.e. $ 14.25 a month).

USGA charges 25 $/month for a product a bit similar but not near as comprehensive.