Committee Procedures

In this online video course you will get a deep knowledge to the Committee Procedures.

1) Why learn the Committee Procedures?

The Committee Procedures are in my opinion quite a bit overlooked when it comes to teaching, despite the fact that it takes 160 pages in the Official Guide to the Rules of Golf!

There is a lot of both relevant and necessary knowledge, so I strongly encourage you to take this course.

2) What do I learn?

In this online video course you will get a 360 degrees overview of the Committee Procedures and a thorough teaching in…:

  1. … the Role of The Committee.
  2. … course marking (both for general play and for competitions) (including how to mark out of bounds, penalty aras, teen areas, bunkers, abnormal course conditions, dropping zones, No Play zones etc.)
  3. … Pace of Play Policy (both for general play and for competitions) (including what to include in such a policy)
  4. … Code of Conduct Policy (including what to include in such a policy).
  5. … how to prepare for a competition, including…:
    1. … setting the terms of the competition.
    2. … draw, groups and starting times.
  6. …  how to run the competition, including…:
    1. … starting.
    2. … course maintenance during the round.
    3. … providing Rules assistance to players.
    4. … enforcing pace of play.
  7. … what to do after a competition, including…:
    1. … resolving tie in stroke play.
    2. … finalizing results.
    3. … awarding prizes.
  8. … other forms of play (including Greensomes and Scramble).

3) The teaching.

it is imperative for me that the teaching is entertaining and interesting. So don’t expect a boring slideshow-teaching, but (hopefully) a teaching with lots of interesting stories, videos, smiles, pictures etc.

The teaching thus involves:

  • Me talking!
  • Videos from Rules indicidents on professional tours.
  • Pictures/drawings about Rules incidents.
  • Kahoot quizzes.
  • A short “exam” at the end.

4) Who is this course for?

Take this online course if you e.g…:

  1. … are studying (for the TARS exam or the USGA 100 questions exam) and/or…
  2. … are a Rules official or Rules referee.
  3. … simply want a deeper knowledge to the Committee Procedures.

5) Duration.

Approximately 6 hours.

6) Price.

US $ 149 (access for one year). Discounts available for members.

7) Publication date.

I expect it to be ready in 2024.

8) Pre-order.

You can pre-order it by contacting us a or +45 2925 8636.

9) How does it work?

After you have paid you will get a link to the course, and can see it exactly when it fits into your plans.


If you have any questions feel free to contact me at or +45 2925 8636.