About Oswald

My name is Brian Nygaard Oswald. I was born in 1976 and I am married and have two kids.

I finished my Masters degree in Law in 2002 (Copenhagen University) and was lawyer in 2006. After practicing as a lawyer for a few years, a golf journalist suggested that I began learning the Rules of Golf, since my two passions where 1) rules and 2) golf!

That made so much sense to me, and therefore I stopped working as a lawyer and founded “The Oswald Academy” in 2008 – and (so to speak) the rest is history :-).

A lot has happened since founding The Oswald Academy, including moving to New York for one year (picture below), publicating numerous Rules books, conducting a LOT of Rules seminars/clinics/evenings (200+), making of many educational Rules videos etc.

For me it is vital that my teaching is fun and interesting… and NOT boring…! I always have that goal in mind no matter if I conduct seminars, do videos, write books etc.

Welcome to The Oswald Academy!