6-hour-workshop: The 2023-Rules of Golf

On Sunday, January 15th, I offered two 6-hours webinars about the 2023-Rules of Golf, and another one will be held most likely in March 2023.

We will dig into not only the new Rules /Clarifications but also the many new/changed Model Local Rules and Committee Procedures!

For who?

This webinar is for those of you:

  • … being a Rules officials/Rules referees,…
  • … teaching in the Rules of Golf,…
  • … studying now or later for the USGA/R&A exam, or…
  • … otherwise very interested in keeping up to date on a high level on the Rules of Golf.


The first workshop was held Sunday, January 15th. 2023.

Another will be held probably in March 2023 – send us an e-mail, if you are interested (info@oswaldgolfrules.com).


The price is US $ 99.

The price includes a free slideshow and five Kahoot quizzes.