Golf is super easy!

Hi all.

I just wanted to show you a video underlining how easy it is to play golf!

The player in the video is Sungjae Im who was playing Shriners Children’s Open in October 2022:

1) Golf is easy!

As you can see, golf is super easy (!) and if you are ever in doubt, simply follow this procedure:

  1. Make a bad stroke.
  2. Take relief without penalty from a concrete-path*.
  3. From a semi-bad lie, play the ball to two inches from the pin!

* 2) The procedure/Rules.

The procedure for taking relief without penalty under Rule 16.1b from interference by an immovable obstruction (“Abnormal Course Condition”) is this:

  1. Find out what stroke you would have made, had the concrete-path not been there.
  2. Find the nearest spot, not nearer the hole, from which you can play this stroke without interference from the path (= the nearest point of complete relief). As you can see, Im placed a tee on that spot.
  3. Drop a ball within one club-length of the spot, not nearer the hole. According to the Definition of a “club-length”, one “club-length” is defined as the length of the longest club in your bag that is not a putter. As you can see, Im used his driver.

3) Remove rocks?

By the way, if he had wanted to, Sungjae Im was allowed to remove any of the loose rocks around the ball before playing the stroke, as long as they were not solidly embedded in the ground (that is, could not be picked out easily) – see the Definition of Loose Impediments and Rule 15.1a.

4) Re-drop when embedded?

One last thing:

There is no free relief from an embedded ball, when it is embedded during a drop or when it embeds in sand – so he was not allowed to re-drop despite the ball being a bit embedded (see Rules 16.3a and the Definition of “Embedded”)!


Golf is easy (for some people at least 😎)!