Online workshops soon to come!

Hi all!

In November 2022 The Oswald Academy starts conducting online week-long workshops about the Rules of Golf.

Here is what will be included:

  • 2 hours of teaching Monday-Friday. A total of 10 hours of teaching.
  • Take an exam similar to the USGA exam (80 or 100 questions) or similar to the R&A exam.
  • Learn all new 2023-Rules.
  • Get a brush-up on both “normal” and more difficult Rules.

We recommend that a workshop like this is attended once a year, to keep updated.

Price $295 (discounts available – see below).

The schedule.

  • November 21-25, 2022 – 3-5 AM or 1-3 PM (both US Eastern time).
  • December 12-16, 2022 – 5-7 AM or 3-5 PM (both US Eastern time).
  • January 23-27, 2023 – 3-5 AM or 1-3 PM (both US Eastern time).

More dates to come.

Notice that due to flexibility (we have customers all over the world) each workshop is offered at two different times on the same day – so you can choose whichever time is best for you. Early times (3-5 AM and 5-7 AM) are typically for students in Europe, Asia, Australia etc. and later times (1-3 PM and 3-5 PM) are for people in United States, Canada, Mexico, etc.

If you cannot attend the actual workshop, you can buy access to the most recent workshop – for the same price.

The price.

-> The price is $ 295.
(The USGA charges $ 375).

Price for Personal BASIC members: $250.75
Price for all other members: $221.25.


Read more.

-> You can read more here.

How to enroll.

Enroll by contacting The Oswald Academy at or +25 2925 8636. There are 25 spots in each workshop – registration is on a first come first served basis.

Why these workshops?

First of all, I love teaching the Rules of Golf and with these online workshops I have the possibility to reach my customers all over the world.

Second, I think that The USGA and The R&A are doing an amazing job teaching in the Rules of Golf. Having said that, in my opinion it is always great that people have more than one option to choose between, when deciding which workshop, seminar, etc. to attend. Some people like one style, some like another style, and some people prefer certain times a day for workshops and some prefer other times etc. And finally I am trying to offer workshops etc. at a cheap price so as many as possible has the possibility to attend.

With our workshops, you all now have an extra (hopefully good) option and can choose whatever you find is best for you.